Here at Image Eye Care, we offer a new approach to dry eye treatment for our patients.

Your tears are a vital part of your eye health and your vision. Tears are made up of different layers of mucus, water, and oil. Each layer is important in the maintenance of a healthy tear film and healthy, comfortable eyes. Many things can disrupt this delicate balance: inability to produce enough tears, inflammatory conditions, and an eyelid condition called blepharitis are just a few. If your tears are not functioning properly for any of these reasons, you have a condition called dry eye.

In the past, the most common treatment for dry eyes has been to add more moisture, or artificial tears, in the form of drops or ointments. This works well for people who cannot produce enough tears. For many people however, this only provides very temporary relief.

As part of your examination, Dr. Fisher will listen to your symptoms, assess the structures of your eye associated with tear production, and will determine the cause of your dry eye. She then creates a treatment plan customized for your eyes and your particular type of dry eye. Your plan may include one, or a combination of eyelash cleansers, artificial tears, supplements, prescription medication, and heat therapy. These, used in the correct combination, can be very helpful for patients with dry eye.

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