Here at Image Eye Care, we know what it’s like to live in East Texas! We are proud to offer ocular allergy treatment.

Many people struggle with allergies which lead to itchy and uncomfortable eyes. Most people treat their allergies with over-the-counter medications. Antihistamines are commonly used to help. It is also helpful to use eye drops to keep your eyes lubricated, decreasing your chances of harming your eye. Some people find it helpful to flush out their eyes when they have an irritant in it.

However, if over-the-counter medications are not helping or you have pain in your eye, redness, or a lot of discharge, you really need to be seen! First, we assess the problem; many other eye problems can seem like they are just allergies. Then we treat the allergy, often with just an eye drop. Mast-cell stabilizers are often prescribed because it prevents the allergic response to allergies, itching and redness and gives more rapid relief within minutes.

We are here for you if you are having allergies and are struggling with red and itchy eyes. We will educate you on your options and find what works best for you!

If you have allergies and have questions or would like to be seen, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (903) 525-9502.